Oh hello

Photograph of a sign: No dogs, Yes zebras

Photo credit: Brad Baranowski

I keep trying to think of a way to start this post that doesn’t sound like every “welcome” post on every blog ever. So far I’ve typed and deleted “Here I am on the Internet!”, “Welcome to my home on the”, “So this is my new bl”, “Welcome to the Consci”, and a few other half-formed thoughts that were basically just me pressing the space bar a few times and then backspacing. I guess I’m starting out like this, though, so that’s one hurdle we’ve jumped over.

This blog is the product of what might be termed a quarterlife crisis: I graduated from a master’s program, started a wonderful new full-time job, moved in with my partner, and began a weekly volunteer commitment. All of this, I thought, should be more than enough to sustain me; but slowly I began coming home after work and finding myself, of all things, bored. Twenty years of school (Geez Louise) left me with a need to have a project, beyond the books and videogames and Netflix and online shopping and Internet nonsense with which I had begun to fill my afternoons. After two months of after-work doldrums, particularly contrasted with my boyfriend’s constant work on his own writing and artistic projects, my boredom began to turn into loneliness, and my dissatisfaction deepened. I was just so bored all the time. Why was I suddenly relying on my partner to entertain me and irritated when he had other things to do? Was this coupledom? Was this adulthood?

Maybe. But my boyfriend suggested an alternative, an idea I had kicked around a few months earlier but had abandoned as “too hard.” “You need a project,” he said, during a walk on a fall night, yellow leaves under our feet. “I can’t be your project. Videogames and reading can’t be your project. You’re more creative than you think you are, and I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve seen you passionate about something. I miss that.”

As he said it, I realized that I missed that, too. I did need a project. I decided to revisit my long ago idea: a blog about ethical fashion, including news, reviews, shop recommendations, outfit ideas, and anything else that might come up along the way. I’d had friends encourage me to pursue it; in the end, however, I had essentially decided that I was not the type of person who “has a blog” (what type of person that might be, I had no real idea).

But now here I was. And here I am. Maybe I am the sort of person who “has a blog,” or maybe I’m not but I’ll learn how to be. Is this too much story? Too many words? Sorry, I’m new to this.

What I mostly want to say here, and what I haven’t said at all until now, is that I’m happy you’re here. I’m excited about this. I really am. I love clothes, particularly clothes that are good for the planet and good for people, and I’m hoping that this blog will help me find some other people who love those things too. Thanks for joining me!

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