Makeup Monday: My First Real Post! And a top secret project

So far in my life, only four people know about this blog: myself, my partner, and two of my close friends. I think I’m keeping it that way on purpose for now, to see if I can really make a go of this. I don’t want to send out links to everybody and show off my promising first post only to poop out on it later. I want people who find this blog to feel like they’ve really found something. Does that make sense? I mean, it worked for Julie & Julia, right?

But in the meantime, I have a blog to run, even if only three other people know about it. And, somewhat foolishly, my chosen topic tonight happens to be something that I don’t want to share with one of those three people. Fortunately, she is getting married in less than five days, so I doubt she’s doing much in the blogosphere at the moment. But just to be safe: if your name is Dana and you are getting married on Friday, please do not click the “Read more” link below. Thanks, lovey love!

The aforementioned Dana

If this is you, go away.

So now that it’s just the three of us: I have this idea of doing “Makeup Mondays” here. I first discovered the indie/eco/ethical fashion scene by way of the indie makeup scene, and while my main interest has since shifted to clothing, there are a lot of fantastic indie makeup brands and artists out there that I’d love to highlight.

So, welcome to our first official Makeup Monday! I’ll celebrate by showing off my indie eyeshadow collection, which is pretty messy, but I’m all about honesty and transparency and so on.

A photograph of my indie eyeshadow collection.

This is the only part of my makeup drawer even remotely acceptable for public viewing, and I still had to crop it.

So what does any of this have to do with the aforementioned Dana? It so happens that said Dana is getting married on Friday out of state, and since work has rendered me unable to attend the wedding, I’ve been planning to present her with a post-wedding care package once she returns. I’ve been agonizing a bit over what exactly to get her—of course she and her partner have a registry, but I wanted to get something a little more personal than dish towels and cutting boards. While pondering about what to write for my first Makeup Monday, inspiration struck: Dana and I have bonded a lot over our shared love of makeup, so what better gift than a few exciting indie items?

For the uninitiated, indie makeup is makeup made by smaller, non-industrial companies. Often, “companies” are one or two people operating out of a small studio or even a home. There are a lot of advantages to shopping indie: for one, a lot of the harsh chemicals and preservatives are absent from the products’ formulae, simply because they are not produced at the industrial level. Indie makeup companies tend to offer many more organic and vegan options than major manufacturers, and they are also cruelty-free (after all, they’re not using harsh chemicals that may cause illness or even birth defects, so there’s no need to test for those problems). To be sure, as with any small industry, there has been the occasional problem with an indie shop that does not follow  hygiene guidelines; but the indie makeup community is generally successfully self-regulating, and brand experiences of all types are documented on a brand experience forum linked through the r/indiemakeupandmore subreddit.

But enough of my soapbox. What delights will dear Dana discover when she opens her wedding gift? (The alliteration fell apart, sorry.) I’ve narrowed it down to the following things:

  • Dana has lately been really into coral lipstick, so Lip Service’s Ravishing lip color looks perfect for her. And since it’s fall, a deeper, more burgundy color, like Framboise, might be a good addition.
  • Pahlish’s La Belle Endormie looks like an amazing autumn nail polish.
  • innocent + twisted alchemy has an eyeshadow called Saccharine Nectar that looks gorgeous.
  • Dana looks really lovely with minty eyeshadows, so maybe I’ll throw some Descent Into the Garden in there as well?
  • Sahar is another color that is really tempting, since Dana likes gold eyeshadow a lot (why can’t I escape from i+ta).
  • And of course I feel like everyone needs some MDMA in their life.

Of course, I can’t spend hundreds of dollars, so I’ll have to make some hard decisions here. And now I’m thinking that my own makeup collection could use an update. And in hindsight, I realize that this post is probably not super invigorating, since it’s all about stuff I don’t own, and there aren’t a ton of pictures.

But at least I’m setting up for a pretty sweet haul & gift-wrapping post in the future. And maybe some lovely photos of Dana with her new stuff. And maybe some lovely photos of me with the new stuff that I’m now undoubtedly going to buy myself now (only two days till payday!). And anyway, I think there are only three people in the world currently reading this, and I’m one of them.


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