Shoesday: Autumn in the Air (or, Oh What A Boot-iful Morning)

A photo of the brown bootsIt’s finally beginning to feel like fall here. For the past week, the neighborhood streets have been covered in little bright-yellow leaves, and the trees are beginning to ombre their way toward reds and golds. After days of warm weather and sunshine that clashed with all the visual signals of changing seasons, I woke up slowly this morning to see my boyfriend, the earlier riser of the two of us, buttoning a flannel shirt for the first time since the early spring.

“Ohhh, heyyy, flammel,” I said, eloquently, because I was still two-thirds asleep.

“Yeah,” he responded. “It’s cold outside.”

Photo credit Brad Baranowski

Photo credit Brad Baranowski

I had already noticed that; we’ve been in the habit of sleeping with our bedroom window open, and while I had burrowed beneath layers of blankets in my sleep, I had awoken to a chill in the air and the cats curled tightly at my feet, tails and noses tucked into their fur.

Within a few months, I’ll be thoroughly sick of the cold weather. Despite living in a wintry climate and having a December birthday, I am not a winter person. I don’t love snow, I hate slush, and I am exasperated by ice. But now, today, the autumn chill is the tiniest bit charming.

To be fair, though, the chill is mostly charming because it allows me to wear my new boots, which I ordered back during a “cold snap” in early September and have been gazing at in my closet every day since, as the temperatures have clambered back up to the 70s and 80s. I leapt out of bed this morning (or maybe rolled), eager to put on my fall boots (and also I had an 8:30 meeting and was already running late).

The boots are from Clarks, and were my first purchase from that company. Clarks is one of the larger shoe companies in the world, but their ethical rating has been something of a question. The Ethical Consumer gave them only an 8/20, largely because their supply chain remains something of a mystery. In my own research, however, I found a lot of reasons to be happy with Clarks. On their website, they have fairly extensive statements of Social Responsibility and Corporate Responsibility, the latter of which describes their compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 [SB 567]. They also do a fair amount of work to reduce their environmental impact in their factories and retail locations, partner with several charitable organizations, and offer a unique Soul of Africa collection that supports aid projects in Africa.

I bought the boots from Planet Shoes, which sells “feel-good footwear.” By that, they mean ethical/eco-friendly footwear, but the shoes do in fact phyiscally feel really, really good. I wore them all day, and despite the slight heel, my feet feklt as good when I took them off as they had when I put them on. Here’s a bigger photo:

A photo of the brown boots

GORGEOUS. I’m in love all over again.

The boots are called Clarks Ingalls Delaware (don’t ask me what that means). They are leather, so they’re not vegan, but Clarks does avoid using leather from animals raised in areas where deforestation is a concern. I am not vegan and am not disturbed by leather boots, but of course that’s a personal choice. They’re currently out of stock on Planet Shoes, but you can request an email when they come back—or you can click around the site and discover some get-out-of-bed-even-when-it’s-cold boots of your own. Happy Shoesday!

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