Makeup Monday: Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer has leaked! Or been released or whatever!

Below is the series of texts I sent my boyfriend immediately after watching it on Friday (full disclosure: I may also have been coming down with a fever) (also full disclosure: sorry for the Ebola reference, that’s a cheap shot):

Series of text messages

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a huge Avengers fan (although, like Brad, they might be a little confused by it), so while I had planned to do a Halloween-themed Makeup Monday today, naturally all of that took a backseat to a look inspired by Bruce Banner/The Hulk, my favorite Avenger. I like him because of the contrast he presents between strength and vulnerability; while he’s outwardly invincible, he struggles inwardly with the very demons that give him his strength. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have some inkling of what it’s like to try and reconcile separate versions of oneself.

I also think Bruce Banner would be the best Avenger hang out with. Captain America? Boring. Thor? So dumb. Tony Stark? Super needy. Those two Agents? Blergh. Nick Fury? Way scary. Obviously Loki is the only person in there you’d ever really want to hang out with, but if supervillains are off the table, then I’m 100% picking Bruce Banner.

The Hulk is, obviously, very green. I have one gorgeous green (and Avengers-themed!) eyeshadow in my collection: Shiro Cosmetics‘ former Color of the Month, Up All Night to Get Loki.* I bought it mostly because of the name, but it’s also a gorgeously vibrant green that I’ve found myself using more than I ever thought I would. I mentioned in my last Makeup Monday that I usually use warmer tones to make my very gray eyes pop a bit more, but Up All Night has enough brightness to it that it works for me.

Hulk is also often depicted wearing purple pants (torn to shreds during his transformation from Ordinary Man to Incredible Hulk, of course) and so I decided to pair Up All Night with one of my favorite purples: Glittering Career from Aromaleigh‘s Sherlock-themed collection, Brilliant Deductions. Aromaleigh has faced a certain amount of criticism due to their lack of international shipping options, but I’ve always found their products incredibly beautifully pigmented and really fade-resistant.

Up All Night to Get Loki and Brilliant Career

Fabulous: two eyeshadows named after gaunt dark-haired sociopaths, together in harmony.

Recently I’ve really become fond of contrasting eyeshadows. I’m especially in love with the way two colors look together at the blending point, where the inner shade meets the outer and meld seamlessly together. Because this is a very theme-y look, I matched the shades on the lower lid as well. I also wore my Thor earrings, which people are always asking me if they are Harry Potter earrings and I’m like, they’re whatever kind of earrings you need them to be, man.

Hulk-themed eye look

The thing I really like about both of these eyeshadows is how resistant they are to going muddy. Many of my non-indie shadows are so half-assedly pigmented that they’re nearly impossible to blend without losing both colors. Kudos to both Shiro and Aromaleigh for creating beautifully pigmented shadows that hold their color in the face of much blending.

Hulk-themed look

How much do you love looking at my closed eyes by now?

*Sorry, Loki fans—Up All Night to Get Loki is no more. But never fear! Shiro has a whole Avengers collection that includes a few really lovely Loki-themed eyeshadows, including Burdened With Glorious Purpose, which is a slightly more olive-gold shade than Up All Night, and Something Sweet as Pain, a fantastic pale indigo that is seriously tempting.

So glad my photographer caught this one.

So glad my photographer caught this one.

Let's end on a good note!

Let’s end on a good note!

If you haven’t ordered from Shiro yet, I highly recommend it. All orders come with samples and candy (!!), and Caitlin also writes personalized little notes and does wonderfully with special requests. Shiro is one of the Big Guys of indie makeup, and her shadows are gorgeous.

Aromaleigh is a bit trickier. I love their shadows and have had nothing but good experiences, but I have heard stories of poor customer service, and they don’t seem to have any international shipping options. However, for my own part, I would recommend them. They run awesome sales, and I haven’t had any issues either with their customer service or with their products.

On another note, I just made a really nice order from Performance Colors, so hopefully one of our upcoming Makeup Mondays will be all lipstick, all the time. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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