Makeup Monday: It’s My Mouth, I Can Wear What I Want To

Happy belated Halloween! I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. I spent my weekend looking like this:

halloween costume

(Aaron Rodgers) (AKA male perfection)

Halloween costumes

(Silent film starlet) (that’s my boyfriend in the sheet)

Today’s Makeup Monday is a bit of a departure from past installments—it’s my first time featuring lip colors, instead of eye colors. Wahey! I think it’s important to grow and change in life. Also, I just received my first-ever order from Performance Colors, and what was I supposed to do, not write a blog post about it?

I had originally wandered over to Performance Colors looking for their Shadow Magnet lid primer, since Urban Decay Primer Potion is good, but occasionally my loose shadows need a little extra help to keep from creasing (and I can never seem to get to Fyrinnae when they’re actually open, or I would check out this Pixie Epoxy everyone is always talking about). Of course, once I had put the Shadow Magnet in my cart, I wanted to check out their lip colors (of which there are many) and discovered their 3 for $12 deal. Having been pretty unsatisfied with my lip game lately, I decided to treat myself.

Performance Colors packaging

The haul!

My order arrived in eight days, which is an awesome turnaround time for the indie world. In addition to the three colors I had ordered, Tiffany included three adorable baby clamshells of sample colors—an unexpected delight, since I had gone with some pretty neutral colors and the samples were a bit brighter. Everything was neatly packaged, clean, and included ingredient lists (!!), as well as a business card and little information cards about the formula. And, of course, the invoice included a lovely handwritten note thanking me for my order. I’ve been spoiled by indie companies: now whenever I get a package that does not include an invoice with heartfelt thank you note, I feel a tiny pang of rejection.

Onto the swatches (or, as my boyfriend calls them, swausages)!

lipstick swatches

The stuff I ordered! From left to right: Easy Street, Rosewood, Bad Girl

lipstick swatches

The samples! From bottom to top: Honey Tree, Neon Flamingo, Metallic Rose

There are two formulas (formulae?) here: the Restorative formula, which includes shea butter and almond oil to moisturize your lips (Easy Street, Honey Tree, Bad Girl, Metallic Rose) and the Matte Extended Wear formula, which is exactly what it sounds like (Rosewood, Neon Flamingo). I didn’t notice a difference in the feel or the look, aside from the sheen-vs-matte difference; all of the colors went on smoothly, like a balm, and felt great. There’s no greasiness or slide, but there’s also no stickiness to it. Really, my lips felt naked the whole time—like one of those miraculous lipsticks that you just totally forget you’re wearing until you glance in a mirror and it’s like, HEY! I look great! Bad Girl looks a bit patchy in the swatch up above, but it worked perfectly on the lips.

Let’s talk about the colors!

Easy Street: A super nice neutral pink shade, at least on my lips, with a hint of coral and a hint of shimmer. This one was probably my favorite and the easiest to wear (OMG I wonder if that’s how it got its name!)—it’s subtle enough that it could go with a more bold eyeshadow look without making you seem overdone. It’s a nice buildable color but never gets super dark or bold. (It looks like this one is currently sold out, but keep checking!)

easy street

Easy Street

Rosewood: It looked really similar to Easy Street when I was swatching, which made me a little concerned, but it’s a good deal more rosy once it’s actually on. The website photo makes it look far more brown than it turned out on me; on the model it seems fairly cocoa-colored, but on me it’s a lot more pink. This works for me. (It also looks really shiny in this photo, but that’s actually more the lighting than the lipstick.)



Bad Girl: This one also looks like it’s sold out for now. 😦 This is a much more plummy shade, darker than the previous two, with a nice sparkle that you can really see in this photo. In the tube it looks verrrry purple, which made me a little nervous as I already have a purple-purple that I love (Shiro’s A Girl And A Cat, if you’re into that kind of thing) but it was much less purple and much more plum once I had it on.

Bad Girl

Bad Girl

Honey Tree: I loooved this one. Actually, maybe this is my favorite? It looks super orange in the website photo, but on me it was way closer to a pinky coral. It really reminded me of a less red-based version of Shiro’s Why Not Zoidberg? (now It’s Called Love), which is still one of my favorite colors to play around with. I can see myself ordering this in May and then wearing it alllllll summer.

Honey Tree

Honey Tree

Neon Flamingo: This one was a mystery literally until I pried it open, because it was the only one in a SOLID WHITE clamshell. So I had only the name to go off of. And it does not disappoint. Like Bad Girl, this one looks very colorful in the container—in this case, it looks super hot pink. On the lips, the shade is slightly toned down, but it’s definitely still very pink. This is another summer color for sure. I don’t tend to do a ton of hot pink, but maybe I’ll have worked up more courage by the time I get through this sample.

Neon Flamingo

Neon Flamingo

Metallic Rose: This is a lovely color, sort of a toned-down version of Neon Flamingo, but I didn’t find it particularly rosy. The website doesn’t have a sample or swatch photo, only a photo of the tube, and in the tube it looks way more brown and gold than I found it. Even in the clamshell I got, it’s far more pink than on the site. That could be a camera/monitor issue, though it is a little misleading. But all that aside, this is a great color! It’s pretty pink, but darker than Neon Flamingo—sort of a cross between Neon Flamingo and Bad Girl. I wouldn’t probably do this with a super bold eye, given the fact that it’s not a particularly subtle color, but I can definitely see myself rocking this one.

Metallic Rose

Metallic Rose

So, the final verdict? YES. Yes to all of these colors. And yes to more. I’m usually pretty wary of buying lip colors online, because I’ve so often found the formula super patchy, or super grainy, or super sticky. In this case, however, the formula feels like nothing at all and the colors are gorgeous. Plus, the order arrived so fast, and the unexpected samples were really lovely (and not just throwaways or “oops” colors, although those can be fun too).  I’m so into this. Yes, you guys. Go check out Performance Colors, if you haven’t already. And maybe buy Zombie Bride and tell me how it is, because I’ve been looking at it for way too long now.

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