Makeup Monday: Up, Up in the Air

Whew! Somehow I let the entire month of February rush by me without posting once, for which I apologize. There was a terrible flu/cold that made its way through our house, as well as the beginning of the academic semester, which means work takes on a whole new dimension of busy. I’ve also been counting my pennies this month in preparation for some upcoming travel, so I haven’t been doing any (!) shopping.

But I made an exception not long ago, as I was looking through my nail polish collection and somehow, astonishingly, just not finding anything catching my interest.

Nail polish is kind of a big deal for me. I’m obsessed with color, and polish is an easy place to get very colorful. My partner has had to take my arm and gently pull me out of the nail polish section of Target or Walgreens on multiple occasions. I can stand transfixed in front of a display of Essie or OPI for a surprisingly long time. I love the colors, the subtle differences in shades and tones, the cutesy names. I’m a habitual nail polish impulse-buyer, and am always open to experimenting with new shades.

But the nail polish industry, like the rest of the beauty industry, has some skeletons in its closet.

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