Makeup Monday: Hello, Hello Waffle

Photos of jars, card and sample

Left to right: Catticus Finch (sample), Amber, IMAM, Pride, Lust, and 23.

Yesterday was an incredibly productive day for me makeup-wise, even though I spent most of it with nothing on (my face) except some loose powder and mascara. Here’s why: I finally took my battle station (a plastic silverware tray) out of the dresser where it has sat in place for the last several months, and did a major sort-and-clean. I’d spilled a ton of my favorite dark-gold eyeshadow all over the place a week ago, which made me shriek with almost-physical pain when it happened, and since then I’d been too heartbroken (and lazy) to clean up all of the loose powder that was no longer in its jar and therefore was no longer going to go on my eyes.

But yesterday I finally bit the bullet, put a towel on the bed and put the powder-stained tray all over it, and started sorting through. I ended up de-stashing numerous loose eyeshadows, samples and full sizes, and a whole bunch of lipsticks and nail polishes. It’s amazing how stuff accumulates, between free samples and impulse buys both online and at the drugstore (although I try not to do that so much anymore). By the end, my silverware tray battle station was remarkably lighter, emptier, and cleaner.

Obviously, I rewarded myself by finally opening my recently-arrived Hello Waffle order, and spending an afternoon with it.

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Makeup Monday: It’s My Mouth, I Can Wear What I Want To

Happy belated Halloween! I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. I spent my weekend looking like this:

halloween costume

(Aaron Rodgers) (AKA male perfection)

Halloween costumes

(Silent film starlet) (that’s my boyfriend in the sheet)

Today’s Makeup Monday is a bit of a departure from past installments—it’s my first time featuring lip colors, instead of eye colors. Wahey! I think it’s important to grow and change in life. Also, I just received my first-ever order from Performance Colors, and what was I supposed to do, not write a blog post about it?

I had originally wandered over to Performance Colors looking for their Shadow Magnet lid primer, since Urban Decay Primer Potion is good, but occasionally my loose shadows need a little extra help to keep from creasing (and I can never seem to get to Fyrinnae when they’re actually open, or I would check out this Pixie Epoxy everyone is always talking about). Of course, once I had put the Shadow Magnet in my cart, I wanted to check out their lip colors (of which there are many) and discovered their 3 for $12 deal. Having been pretty unsatisfied with my lip game lately, I decided to treat myself.

Performance Colors packaging

The haul!

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Makeup Monday: Royals

Pardon my mysteriousness.

Pardon my mysteriousness.

Fridays are always long days for me, made even longer by the fact of the weekend awaiting just past 5:00, my usual hour of departure from the office (if I’m lucky). This Friday in particular included a bus ride home through traffic and then frantic packing and an hourlong drive to my parents’ house as rain clouds gathered ominously overhead—hardly the relaxing start to the weekend that I would have preferred. (My partner and I had vague plans to hike the trails that twine the woods and fields around my parents’ rural home, but of course the next morning dawned rainy and cold and we elected to spend it playing with my parents’ kitten and drinking hot chocolate in front of their fireplace. Priorities.)

Anyway, so in the midst of all this chaos, it was a delight to come home and discover a package from innocent + twisted alchemy on top of the cabinet record player, where we usually deposit our mail.

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